FAQs – Dumpster & Container Rentals

Serving all of Suffolk County and Nassau County

Q) How long can I keep the Dumpster?

A: Our customers can keep their dumpster rental for 7-10 days. Dumpsters may be left longer without charge if special circumstances are required, please contact us with any questions or needs.

Q) What Debris can I put in my rented dumpster?

A: For property cleanouts, junk hauling, commercial trash services or construction site cleanups, we accept the following in all of our sized dumpsters:

Brick, Concrete, Asphalt, Rocks, Stone, Wood, Dirt, Household Appliances, Carpet, Roofing, Tubs, Flooring, Windows, Siding, Clothes, Sheetrock, Glass, Cardboard, Yard Waste, Trees, Metals, Plastic, Fences, E-waste such as computers and televisions, Carpeting, Sinks, Showers, Bathtubs, Rugs, Freezers, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dryers, Ovens and More. If you have recyclable materials  or construction and demolition debris that is not listed here, call S&A Container Service at 631-648-9088 and we’ll advise you.

Q) What materials are not acceptable in any of our trash containers?

A: Absolutely no hazardous waste/material, full paint cans, petroleum contaminated soil, asbestos, medical waste of any kind, car batteries, or tires.

Q) How much notice do I need to provide S&A Container to deliver my dumpster?

A: One day notice is usually all we need to provide you with your dumpster, but the more notice the better! Contact us or fill out the form here for a free estimate. 

Q) When is my dumpster rental picked-up?

A: A dumpster rental period is typically between 7-10 days. Call S&A Container to schedule the pick-up/removal of your trash container if required before the 7-10-day rental period. We will not remove the dumpster without prior notice. We request 48 hour notice for dumpster pickups.

Q) Will there be any additional costs?

A: Only if your dumpster rental exceeds the specified weight limit, it will be charged an ‘overweight fee’ because it increases our cost to dump the construction and demolition debris. This fee is calculated by multiplying the ‘overweight’ fee per ton price (specified upon order of dumpster) by the amount of the weight exceed. All overage fees are base on weight only, not the volume/fullness of the container. Weight limit varies by dumpster size and will be specified upon order. If you’re not sure how much your debris weighs, call us at 631-648-9088 and we’ll be happy to advise you on the right sized dumpster rental for your project.

Q) Do prices vary depending on the material being disposed of?

A: Yes, your rate can vary depending on recyclable materials, construction and demolition debris or traditional household junk. Materials such as clean concrete and dirt are charged a flat rate with no weight limits, while roofing debris tends to be extremely heavy. Please specify what debris you’ll be filling the container with, as it will help us provide you with the most accurate quote on your dumpster rental.

Q) Do I need any permits for my dumpster?

A: It depends on where your trash container is going.  S&A Container Service is a fully permitted and licensed company. All customers living in Nassau and Suffolk require no permits if the containers is placed in the driveway.

Q) How do I get a W9 from S&A Container Service?

A: Please call us at 631-648-9088

Q) How do I get a Certificate of Insurance from S&A Container Service?

A: Please call us at 631-648-9088

Q) How do I prevent rain/snow adding to the total weight of my dumpster?

A: By covering your trash container – after you are done filling it – with a blue tarp found at your local hardware store, you can reduce the chance of any rain/snow adding to the weight of your rented dumpster. S&A is charged for this weight at the dump at the time of the disposal and will be passed along to the customer if it makes the dumpster exceed the allowed tonnage.

Q) Can you rent a Dumpster for snow removal?

A: Yes. We provide dumpster rental services for customers who need snow carted off their property if space is an issue. We’ll transport it to a location for you until the snow melts and it’s no longer your problem!

Q) What types of customers do we provide dumpster and recyclable debris removal services for?

A: S&A Container Service has proudly provided dumpster and  construction and demolition debris removal services for the following: homeowners, construction contractors, retailers, manufacturers, factories, industrial, commercial locations and more.